55 Mendon Street, Hopedale, MA 01747
P.O. Box 38, Hopedale, MA 01747
Ph: 508.473.6520   Fax:508.473.9727
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A unique community for adults,
age 22 and older, living with developmental, physical, or medical disabilities.


The Ledges serves as a home for adults living with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, physical disabilities, and/or significant medical challenges. We strive to enrich the lives of the individuals receiving our support in a thoughtful and compassionate manner, while providing them with the highest standards of care. Our support staff members are continously working to enhance each resident's quality of life through individually tailored developmental programs.

Our Mission

The Ledges is dedicated to providing superior programs and supports that enable adults living with disabilities to pursue autonomy and personal growth at levels that suit their preferences and needs.

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